We Fashion Source, Garments supplier  and importer's agent around the world. Our philosophy is to provide the maximum satisfaction to our operational efficiency, latest designs & talents of our work force.

We take great pride in what we have achieved till date. Our achievements and success have yet to make us complacent .Our vision is to provide the highest level of customer service and a real time, one stop facility-the highest quality apparel at the most affordable price.

We determine to supply of specific needs in terms of design, materials & quality. We have developed an extremely flexible production system, where quantities, qualities, lead time and competitive prices are not a contradiction.

Renowned  USA & European apparel  companies are our valued customers for our specialization -bottom items for all genders and sizes .
We also deliver woven - Denim Jeans, Jacket, Blouses etc. (in different type & quality fabrics)

Knit - T-shirt, Polo Shirt, Tan Top, Ladies Fashionable T-shirt, Shorts, Trousers, Knitted Trousers etc. (made of 100% Cotton, Jersey knit, Interlock, Rib, Pique Polo, with lycra or without lycra, 100% Combed or Carded, also we use mercerized.)

Sweater - Pullover, Cardigan, Jacket etc. (in 3 GG, 5 GG, 7 GG, 10 GG & 12 GG, Quality 100% Acrylic, 100% Cotton, 100% Lambs wool & other fancy yarn.).